Participate in body psychotherapy treatment in Keene, NH

Participate in body psychotherapy treatment in Keene, NH

Release the Tension

Our bodies and our minds are inextricably linked. If you think about it, when you feel good physically, you feel your mood lift, and vice versa.

To use this mind-body connection to help you, Keene Psychotherapy Trauma Recovery Services offers holistic approaches to psychotherapy. We provide body psychotherapy treatment among our psychotherapy services in Keene, NH. For more information on our services, call 603-809-5193 right away.

How does body psychotherapy work?

This mind-body connection is central to the work of a body therapist. Your body therapist will use psychotherapy treatment to address your emotional and physical health together. Your body therapist will guide you through physical techniques like breathing and movement during psychotherapy treatment.

Body therapy can address:

  • Physical pain
  • Tension in muscles
  • Unexpressed emotions

Body therapy can also be useful during trauma treatment. A trauma therapist will help you understand connections between physical tension and trauma, for example, or physical reactions to memories. Your trauma therapist will support your healing process with psychotherapy services.